Chris Adams

Chris Adams, Paris is a house of perfumers skilled in the timeless art of perfume making, yet forever pushing boundaries, creating fragrances that are fresh and contemporary. This perfumery by the house of Nabeel, is dedicated to creating innovative fragrances and designs that are not only of a superior quality, but also enchant you with their unique signature scents.

What sets apart our perfumers is their ability to understand the pulse of people across the world and the universal addiction for beauty. This sets us on the path to continue to reinvent our scents, to create fantastical fragrances that make you feel wonderful, and offer affordable luxury.

Under the meticulous attention of our Master Perfumer, our bottle designs as well, are the works of renowned European designers just so they can house the fragrances that have been made by the renowned French perfumers of Chris Adams

  • Classic Denim Man 100ml by Chris Adams

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