Rose Musk Monster Fragrance by Paris Corner 5mls Sample




Rose Musk comes in the most beautiful bright pink heavy glass bottle.

It claims to be a clone for Montale Roses Musk but is more of a clear transparent rose scent – its a very fresh and clean rose fragrance and is perfect for everyday wear. If you love rose fragrances then this is a must buy!

To get the most out of Rose Musk it is best to wear it on your clothes as you will get a heavier projection and better longevity from it.

Please Note: This fragrance is a clone which means it will not smell 100% the same as the fragrance that it was inspired by. The quality of this fragrance is phenomenal but can not be compared to the original fragrance in the shop. Most of the clones that we bring into our flanker collection are niche/ extremely expensive perfumes and out of reach for most of us and this is our way of bringing those fragrances into your homes without breaking the bank.


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