Here at beautynest.co.za we strive to regularly bring in new niche fragrances to keep things exciting and have recently got our hands on some wonderful new clones of some hard to find fragrances! These clones that we speak of are of the highest quality and come from the reputable Dubai based fragrance clone house (Paris Corner) who are responsible for such fragrances as the Killer Oud range/Autobiography range and many more! Paris Corner is considered one of the pioneers in the fragrance World and focus their efforts primarily on cloning hard to find and discontinued fragrances that cannot be found anywhere using only the highest quality of ingredients. This Dubai based fragrance house consists of many “sister houses” such as “Monster Fragrance” “Pendora Scents” and “Zarah Scents” and many other branches all of which are based in Dubai. beautynest.co.za does stock a wide range of rare and exotic Dubai based fragrances that cannot be found anywhere else and continue to introduce new additions our ever growing collection of rare and exotic scents found nowhere else! We are pleased to announce that we are only one of two suppliers in the whole of South Africa who have acquired such a range of hard to find and discontinued niche fragrances for our client’s to enjoy! These fragrances consist of clones from the house of Killian/Montale/Maison Francis Kurkdjian/Cartier and Mancera as well as some more common brands such as Gucci/Giorgio Armani and Thierry Mugler and many more! Due to the high demand of some of the common brands found in South Africa we decided to start stocking high quality Dubai based clones which will definitely not disappoint when it comes to performance/projection and closeness to the intended inspired fragrance.

What is a clone?

Now that we have introduced you to our new clone range lets talk a little about what is expected from a cloned fragrance. As you know by know we specialize only in Dubai fragrances and owning a cloned fragrance can be very exciting and rewarding (Especially if it’s a high quality). The benefits of owning a clone is that it is fraction of the price and the performance and projection often reaches (And exceeds) “Beast Mode” (8+ hours)!

A clone is not a knockoff of the original but stands on it’s own and resembles roughly 80% to 90%+ similarities to the intended fragrance and differs by a few notes as well as the packaging etc. Clones have similar packaging and bottling and often plays with the name of the brand but differs by a few notes which often is a compliments the fragrances even more! Clone houses need to change the notes as well as the packaging to avoid “Copyrighted Infringement” and cannot be compared to the original which we cannot stress enough! Below I have mentioned some clones as well as the inspired fragrance which ranging from 80% to 90% similarities:

  • She Passionate – Giorgio Armani – Si Passione
  • Double Black by Pandora Scents – House of Killian – Back To Black
  • Black Oud by Monster Fragrance – Montale – Black Aoud
  • Adine by Pandora Scents – Thierry Mugler – Alien
  • And MANY more!

We have listed all the “Inspired” fragrances and notes on our site so you should have no problems determine what that fragrance resembles and rules out the risk of a “Blind Buy”. Most of our fragrances we offer fall under the “niche” range and can be hard to find which is why we try and provide you with as much information as possible which can be found when clicking on the images of the fragrances. We hope that you enjoy our new clone range and will continue to source some new and exotic fragrances for your enjoyment.

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