Four Reasons to use Attar Oils

Here at Beauty Nest we love all kinds of perfume, which is why we think it is high time to call attention to one of our favorite variations – the Attar Oil. Roll-on oils are less popular than standard spray-on perfumes, but they’re perfect for those among us who don’t always feel like walking in a cloud of what is clearly an identifiable perfume. If you are the type of person that likes to have their own unique scent, then a more exotic oil fragrance might be just for you!

They Last Longer

The actual perfume elements and extracts in oil fragrances are far more concentrated than those in standard alcohol based Eau De Toilets and Parfums, which contain only a small amount of true fragrance diluted with alcohol and other fillers. Oils tend to “stick” to the skin and linger, whereas many standard perfumes are actually better applied to clothing for longer wear as fabrics give them something to cling to.

They’re Less Likely To Be Irritating On Skin

It goes without saying that the alcohol and other dehydrating chemicals in most perfumes can be irritating and drying to the skin. Those with dry skin often have a hard time wearing scent because of how quickly it dries and dissipates. Oils, on the other hand, are moisturizing, which not only helps them to last longer but also makes them suitable for any skin.

They’re more bang for your buck.

Attar oils are typically packaged as rollerballs, which you then apply to warm areas like your wrists, inside of your elbow, behind your ears, and the back of your neck. You can apply as much or as little of the scent as you want, allowing for total control.

They’re less overpowering.

It’s true that the higher concentration in oil fragrances often makes them smell stronger and richer, but they are less likely than alcohol-based perfumes to leave behind a sillage or trail. If you’re sensitive to overbearing fragrances that feel like you are walking around in a cloud of scent, oils are the perfect solution. They stay close to the skin and radiate outward thanks to the warmth of your pulse points, but you’ll feel like you’re wearing a scent rather than have the scent wear you.

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